Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Did You See Arthur Lee Maye Hit That Ball ?

Theme Time Radio Hour Special Baseball with our host Bob Dylan gave me a crazy passion about the ballgame... People may be find boring but they don't understand the sense of the game with a batter all alone encircled by nine guys obsessed about the ball. They don't feel the tragedy of the game when your teamates are on the bases and your knees are shakin' cause' you are the key of the inning.

Let's have a look about The Greatest Singing Athlete That Ever Lived... I'm talkin' about Arthur Lee Maye, famous baseball player and one of the best doo wop/r&b singers that I have ever heard. He was an outfielder for 13 years with good power, he could really hit that ball (94 home-runs in carrer!) and standing on the stage with his enjoyful voice at the same day during his minor league days. He gave an edge to baseball when he became a Major League player because "Baseball was my first love. I always said I could sing at 50, but I couldn't play baseball at 50".

He was one of men of the Jefferson High School Sound (South California) just sittin' behind Cleve Duncan, leader of The Penguins, Alex Hodge, a founding member of The Platters, his brother Gaynel Hodge of The Hollywood Flames and The Turks, Curtis Williams of The Hollywood Flames and The Penguins, Obie Jessie, Cornell Gunter, an original Platter and early-Coaster's lineup, and the legendary Richard Berry (Louie Louie's composer). What a crew ! They formed the Carmels during this era but there is no sound material... Is anyone has got better fish pond ? After that, there will be the Crowns, then, of course the Jayos on a Johnny Otis' album with covers exceptionnally good ("Gee") and a bunch of solo recordings.

With his pal Berry, they have written a bunch of good stuff typical of this magic period. Be recognizing to SpectroPop who re-discovered the outfielder of the Milwaukee Braves.

Career Stats : 13 years, 1288 games, 94 HR, 419 RBI for a batting average of .274. Led MLB with 44 Doubles in 1964. He put his career high in almost every categories with a AB of .304 in 1964 ... aka The Second Dead-Ball Era.

Arthur Lee Maye - Hey Pretty Girl

Arthur Lee Maye & The Crowns - Don't You Know (I Love You)



Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thai Beat A Go-Go Series

sodsai chaengkij - shake baby shake

johnny's guitar - bangsaen '66

Cat - Do The Watusi

Starlights - Day Tripper

Traces - Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus

Sakarin Boonpit - Kotmorn Yoop Yap (All Shook Up)

Viparat Piengsuwan - Yok Yok (Jump Jump)

supaphorn - lua chen see

Flash - Where Is The Love

erawan band - khon muangkhan